Known Oddities with VLC

VLC doesnt always send properly formed xml. This usually shows up when you see a spinning indicator that wont go away. If this happens, just click on the tab for the window you are on. For example, if you are viewing the controls page and you see this occurring, click on the controls tab to reload that window.


If you see your server in the "Discovered Servers" list...

Click on the server in the list and if VLC is running on that server it will switch to the controls section. If you dont see your machine in the discovered servers list, follow the instructions to manually add servers.

Manually Add Servers: If you DON'T see your server in the "Discovered Servers" list...

0. Let's find the IP address to the VLC server real quick:
  1. Go to the computer running VLC
  2. Find the IP address for this computer on your network
    • On Windows
      1. Click on Start->Run
      2. Type "cmd" and click OK
      3. At the command prompt type "ipconfig" and then hit Enter on your keyboard
      4. You should see something like:
      5. Add server windows cmd

    • On a Mac
      1. Click on Apple Menu->System Preferences
      2. Click on Network
      3. Select your connection type (Ethernet, Wireless, Airport, etc) and you should see your IP address listed
1. Click on the Add server icon icon:

Add server scrnshot

2. Enter the IP address for the computer running VLC, give it a name and click "Done":

(you must give this server a name otherwise your directory bookmarks will not work)

Add server page scrnshot 1

3. Click on "Check For VLC":

Add server page scrnshot 2

4. If VLC was found click on "Add" and your done. :

Add server page scrnshot 3

When the screen disappears you should see your new server in the "Bookmarked Servers" section

5. If VLC was NOT found, then we got a little more troubleshooting to do:
  1. First, let's test the connection to VLC
    • Open up a browser on another computer on your network or on your phone.
    • Go to: http://[YOUR_IP_ADDRESS]:8080/ (example: If your IP address was then go to
    • If you see a page that looks something like the screenshot below, then go back to Velcro and try adding the server again (sometimes VLC needs a kick start to get all of it's API calls going)
    • Vlc http screenshot

    • If you dont see the page then open up a browser on the machine that is running VLC and try going to the above address.
      • If that works, then the connection to the VLC machine is broken and something is wrong with your network or the settings for the machine's network are too restrictive (i.e. a firewall, or some other connection blocking software). See Apple File Sharing 101 or Windows File Sharing for tips on setting up and testing your network. Once you have completed that, try Steps 1-3 again.
      • If that didnt work, then VLC is not responding to HTTP commands. Go here to turn it on and then try steps 1-3 again